Graphics Cards Repair - cool heads against the hot temperament

The IPC-Computer workshop also offers an excellent service in the field of graphics card repair. Whether plugged or on-board graphics cards makes no difference. With the in-house BGA machine, we can remove individual graphics chips technically precise and clean, and replace it with a new chip.

The repair of a graphics card is a difficult challenge and fails without the appropriate equipment in the majority of cases. That means, an incorrect installation or lack of heat conduction may cause further fatal errors. Therefore, our trained and experienced technicians note every little detail by repairing and work with extreme caution.

During preparation of the error diagnosis, it is important to recognize and interpret the indications of a potential graphic card defect. Also an exact statement may be possible only with the submission and the technical examination of the notebook, however for some error patterns, the probability of a defect of the graphics card is already more than 80%, such as:

  • The display shows "hieroglyphics"
  • An image is output only in Safe Mode or without graphics driver
  • The notebook starts completely, but without image output
  • Even on an external display, there is no image output or the output shows disturbances
  • Crash / blue screen with reference to a graphics driver error

In contrast, it’s often mistakenly suspected a graphics card defect in other cases by laymen:

  • In sporadic imaging errors
  • When the image output depends on the inclination angle of the display
  • The image output only works through the port for external display

Whether a graphics card defect or other cause affect the image output - We isolate the error and remedy it sustainably. Register your notebook today for a graphics card repair!