UJ172 Unidad combo Blu-ray Panasonic Ultraslim

UJ172 Unidad combo Blu-ray Panasonic Ultraslim
UJ172 Unidad combo Blu-ray Panasonic Ultraslim
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  Unidad combo Blu-ray

Tipo de construcción







  9,5 mm

Soporte del panel frontal


Capaz de 3D


Velocidad de lectura

CVD-ROM legible


DVD-ROM legible


BD-ROM legible


Velocidad de escritura

CD-R grabable


CD-RW grabable


DVD+R grabable


DVD+R DL grabable


DVD+RW grabable


DVD-R grabable


DVD-R DL grabable


DVD-RAM grabable


DVD-RW grabable



For optimal use you need a burning software, which not is included.

You have to convert the front panel from your old drive to the new one, please note that your old front panel has the same design as on the enlarged picture above. To realise a fast delivery it is important that you write in the following text box whether you have compared your bezel with the picture.

GBAS Blende

Esta es una unidad de reemplazo. Instrucciones: Si su unidad aún no está instalada o una tarjeta falsa se utiliza en su computadora portátil, necesita piezas adicionales para utilizar esta unidad

The ODD supplied without a frontbezel / mounting frame. Please use these parts of your old ODD.

With the freeware tool BD & 3D Advisor from Cyberlink you can test your laptop for the operation of Blu-Rays in advance.

To watch films from a Blu-Ray you need a suitable video player, which not is included.



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Has encontrado este artículo más de un número de pieza. Vamos a comprobar si se trata de la pieza de repuesto correcta para su máquina. Para ello, por favor, inserte el fabricante y el nombre del modelo en el comentario de la orden.

Cómo identificar mi modelo de portátil?

Optical device mounting frame replacement (Laptop) 7052

Anleitung: Austausch Optisches Laufwerk incl. Umbau der Frontblende.

Optical device replacement SATA (Laptop) 7053

Hier erklären wir die Vorteile und Voraussetzungen beim Einsatz eines Blue-Ray Laufwerks in Ihrem Notebook.


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Preguntas frecuentes sobre las Lectores ópticos

  • I have a DVD-burner in my Notebook, can I exchange it for a Blu-Ray burner?

    This is technically possible, although there are a few things you need to consider.

    First your DVD drive needs to be connected via SATA and not PATA, because that is what all Blu-Ray drives use. Second you should test, whether your system meets the requirements of playing a Blu-Ray with a tool like BD & 3D Advisor by Cyberlink.

  • What does GBAS stand for?

    Optical drive manufacturers used o use different types of bezels for their drives, which made it hard wo find one for your drive. That is why the ?General Bezel Assembling Standard? has been created, now most bezels should fit on most optical drives.

  • What optical can be installed in my Notebook?

    Which optical drive can be installed in your Notebook depends on three factors

    Which connection type is used? (SATA or PATA)

    What height of optical drive is used? (Slim 12,5mm or SuperSlim 9,5mm)

    Does your laptop meet the System requirements?

    SATA drives can not be used with a PATA controller and vice versa.

     Before installing your new optical drive, make sure you attached the mounting bracket from the old drive to the new one.

    Most optical drives are sold without a bezel, make sure you attach the old one to the new drive.

    With the tool BD & 3D Advisor you can check whether your System has enough performance to play Blu-Rays.          

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