Gaming Laptop Spare Parts

If you want to pursue your hobby while travelling or at home, you have a large selection of high-end devices from numerous different notebook manufacturers. Asus, Acer, Alienware, HP, MSI and Lenovo are only some of them. Usually the products are sold under a different, more flamboyant name. In the precise, modern casing one finds high-quality components, which are perfectly adjusted to each other to enable optimal performance and maximum FPS. But the quality also has its price, gaming laptops are often more expensive than their desktop counterparts. But you get maximum flexibility and mobility.

However, the price also means that a defective mainboard or a graphics card, for example, can burn a large hole in your wallet. However, you can save a lot of money by repairing your graphics or motherboard​​​​​​​ at IPC computer by getting your old device running again. In our shop you will find original spare parts for all manufacturers, if one of the components stops working. 


Asus ROG & TUF

ASUS ROG gaming laptops have been a fixture on the highly competitive market since 2006. In addition to complete notebooks, ASUS also sells graphics cards, SSDs, motherboards and much more in best quality. With its slogan "From gamers for gamers" the established brand shows that they have not lost their connection to the users.

With the brand new devices of the TUF series, ASUS Gaming tries to establish laptops at a lower price in the performance-oriented market. However, this does not mean that performance will be neglected. Above all, the new releases focus on longevity, stability and consistency, which makes "The Ultimate Force" an interesting alternative for experienced gamers as well as newcomers.


Spare Parts for Asus ROG & TUF Gaming Laptops

All ASUS ROG Spare Parts                                                                                                                                  All ASUS TUF Spare Parts


Acer Predator

Acer Predator

Acer launches some of the industry's most powerful products with Predator brand monitors, desktop PCs and laptops. With innovative cooling technologies, the potential of perfectly matched components can be further exploited.

Spare Parts Acer Predator Gaming Laptops

Lenovo Legion

Lenovo Legion

The perfect interplay between design and performance. This is the goal Lenovo is striving for with its "Legion" brand. The eye for detail makes the Legion Gaming laptops flexible high-performance machines, which can master even the most graphically complex games without any problems. As with all Lenovo laptops, a solid basis is provided by good component tuning.

Spare Parts for Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptops



Alienware is an IT company founded in Miami in 1997, specializing in the production of gaming laptops and desktop PCs. Since Dell acquired the US group, Alienware has been Dell's market share in the gaming industry. Users can always rely on the highest quality components, even if prices are in some cases in the upper price segment.


Spare Parts for Alienware Gaming Laptops

Omen by HP

Omen by HP

In 2016, HP returned to the gaming industry with "Omen" with a range of laptops and desktop PCs. Thanks to comprehensive marketing, the US company has already established itself on the market after just a few years and Omen by HP is now one of the most popular brands in this sector. The quality further strengthens this position. Gaming laptops are equipped with the latest graphics cards, motherboards and processors, which guarantee optimal performance.

Spare Parts for Omen by HP Gaming Laptops

MSI Gaming


MSI is known by many as a manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards. However, the Asian IT giant also offers gaming laptops and much more. Because of the in-house production of many components a perfect functionality is guaranteed and the last piece of performance can be fetched from the device.

Spare Parts for MSI Gaming Laptops

Schenker XMG


Manufactured with German perfection and efficiency. Excellence on a national and international level. This is XMG by Schenker. While in the past the gaming brand was still associated with the name Schenker, the 10 year old gaming fixture can market itself under its own name. Graphics cards, processors and main memory are acquired from the outside, perfectly coordinated and processed into an elegant laptop casing. 




Mifcom relies on a huge, all-embracing product range. From inexpensive entry level laptops to high-end gaming machines, Mifcom addresses all target groups. As for all other manufacturers, IPC-Computer offers spare parts in best quality and guaranteed original quality.