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Medion spare parts

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The Medion brand

Medion is a German electronic product manufacturer based in Essen. Founded in 1983, the company is now part of Lenovo, a big enterprise from Asia. In addition to laptops, the assortment includes PCs, monitors and smartphones as well as household products such as TVs or even refridgerators. Medion places particular emphasis on functionality and a fair cost-effectiveness for all its products.


Medion models at a glance

Medion is particularly well-known for its inexpensive entry-level laptops. However, customers with higher demands and fans of multimedia devices come to their expense too.

The majority of Medion laptops can be found in the Akoya series, whose large selection certainly offers the rigth model for everyone. There are different designations for all the different categories. The model number E stands for the favourable entry-level models, these are especially suitable fo easy surfing on the internet or other everyday applications. The models of the Akoya P series promises more performance, especially in the multimedia sector. On the other hand, the S series devices are slim and light, and can easily be carried away for travel or mobile work.

The Erazer series includes particularly powerful gaming laptops. The latest technologies, such as the newest Core i7 processors and a high resolution display, provide the best gaming experience for this series.

In addition to laptops, Medion also has tablets in its assortment. The Lifetab series surprises with long battery life and a fast internet connection. What this means for you tablet? Mobility and independence, especially if you are travelling longer distances.