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Wortmann laptop spareparts

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Wortmann models at a glance

Wortmann laptops stand for high-quality and score with solid components. Especially in the business area, Wortmann devices are very competitive with the products of the biggest manufacturers. Wortmann summarizes its laptops in the Terra Mobile series. The models are divided into additional groups, depending on the area they're used in.


The Terra Mobile series is particularly popular in the realm of the beginners. Those laptops provide solid components at a reasonable price. The simple processors in combination with a good display and enough memory allow everyday tasks to be done at home, but also on the go.

Terra Mobile Business laptops are specifically designed for office activities. With long battery life and powerful processors, these devices are perfect for mobile work while travelling or in the office.

Last but not least, the Terra Mobile Industry offers business laptops with a particularly robust magnesium casing. This makes the high-quality components of these devices well protected from falls and water.

The Wortmann brand

Wortmann is a German computer manufacturer based in Hüllhorst, North Rhine-Westfalia. The company, which was founded in 1986, is one of the largest independent computer manufacturers in Europe. In addition to laptops, the products line also includes servers, monitors, all-in-one PCs and tablets.